The Trattoria della Posta Restaurant's offer

is characterised by the costant presence of the most typical dishes of Langhe tradition: Agnolotti del Plin, Tajarin, Stinco di Vitello al Barolo, carne cruda battuta al coltello among others. Along with them there are the season's best proposals, especially mushrooms, truffles and some fish dishes. Amongst the desserts, too, Langhe's great classics, prepared according to today's standards of quality and lightness, stand out.


  • Sliced veal served cold in a tuna sauce
  • Diced (with knife) raw meat and Castelmagno cheese
  • Grilled peppers stuffed tuna cream, anchovies, eggs
  • Rabbit salad with fine herbes
  • Stuffed onion with toma di Murazzano (cheese) and baked Bra sweet sausage
  • Little sauce "bagna caoda" (oil, garlic, anchovy) with vegetables
  • The carpaccio of raw red prawns (from Puglia)

First course

  • Thin tagliatelle with meat ragout
  • Mountain potato gnocchi with Castelmagno cheese fondue
  • Agnolotti al plin with melted butter
  • Green ravioli filled with caprino (goat milk cheese) with Bra sausage and leeks
  • Large vegetables soup

Main course

  • Baked rabbit with bacon-fat and fine herbes
  • Stuffed guaii with meat and vegetables roast
  • Veal fillet with Bra cheese fondue and porcino mushroom baked
  • The goose leg filled with fat goose liver
  • The fried lamb chops
  • Fried porcini mushrooms
  • Large choice of D.O.P. Piedmontese cheese


  • Panna cotta with caramelized sugar
  • Grandma Tilde's dessert (bunet, hazelnut cake, coffee ice cream, madernassa pear cooked in wine)
  • Warm puff pastry with apples and calvados (15 min.)
  • The strawberry millefeuille
  • The three chocolate mousse with chinatoine-flavored Barolo sauce
  • The Paris Brest
  • The short pastry pie with custard and wild berries
  • The basket with berries and yogurt ice cream

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